Pili Pili Weekend Specials!!

Good evening everyone!


We hope you all survived the shortened work week.  We have to say GO JAYS GO!!!! In case you haven't been here in a while, rest assured that the game will always be on and we'll be cheering on our boys!!!


Why not pop in over the weekend and watch some of the games while ordering some of these specials we'll be making for you, the best customers in the world!!!!


A reminder to call ahead to avoid long wait times!!!


Nylon Bhajia $5

Since these treats will be on our next run of menus, we'll be featuring them EVERYDAY!!!  These thinly sliced potatoes are deep fried to golden perfection with our mix of coriander, chickpea flour and special seasoning!!!


Zanzibar Mix $6

With homemade daar ja bhajia, chapri chips, hot sauce, coconut and ambli chutneys!  If the popularity of this dish keeps on, we'll have to include this on our new menu too!!    


Shrimp Curry $13

Grilled Tiger shrimp in a rich tomato curry.  Served with rice or 2 rotli!


Grill Special $40

1/2 Chicken

2 LB Ribs



See you Soon!


The Pili Pili Boys