Pili Pili Weekend Specials!!!

Another week in the books!!!!!


We hope you all survived the work week!  Why not come in to your head quarters for East African eats for some of these specials we'll be preparing for you, the best customers in the world!!!  


We're trying a few new things and we hope you're as excited to try them as we are to make them!!!

A reminder to call ahead to avoid long wait times!!!


Nylon Bhajia $5

Keep on asking for them, and we'll keep on making them!  Thinly sliced potatoes battered in besan flour, coriander and our special mix!  


Bateta Wada $0.95/pc or $11/dozen

We're making over 1000 pcs this weekend for a catering order, so we'll make a few more for all of you to enjoy!!!  


Paka Pandemonium!!!

Makai(Corn) $7

The perfect season for this delicious dish!  Grilled corn in a rich coconut curry! Served with rice

Paka(Chicken) $11

Grilled chicken leg quarters with potatoes and an egg, served with rice

Machi(Fish) $13

Grilled King fish in a rich coconut curry, we've been getting requests for this dish, so we're making it again!  


Grill Special $40

2LB Pili Pili AAA Ribs

1LB Pili Pili Chicken Wings



See you Soon!


The Pili Pili Boys