Pili Pili Weekend Specials!!!

Good evening everyone!  


What a lovely week we've had, and we're expecting another BEAUTIFUL weekend! Why not pop by Pili Pili, your head quarters for East African eats and indulge on these specials we'll be cooking up for the best customers in the world!  


If you're planning on firing up the bbq this weekend, why not order our marinated meats?  We have all of our bbq available marinated and ready to be cooked on your home grill.  Don't forget the basting sauce and shaker spice!!


A reminder to call ahead to avoid long wait times!!!


Nylon Bhajia $5

We're cooking up these delicious treats everyday!  They will be on our next menu and will be available all day everyday!  If you haven't tried them yet, you're missing out!


Nariyal Varo Mogo $7

This old school classic combines soft beef in a creamy coconut sauce.  It's perfect for this weather!  Every time we cook it during the week, it sells out, so we're making even more for this weekend!


Snack Pack $12

A taste of our most popular items!  

  • 4 Kebabs
  • 4 Samosas(beef or vegetable)
  • Mogo


Machi Bateta $13

Pan fried king fish with Potatoes, peppers and eggplant!  This classic is served with two rotli, and is sure to please!


Grill Special $40

1 LB AAA Ribs

1 LB Chicken Mishkaki

1 LB Chicken Wings

Fries and Mogo


See you Soon!


The Pili Pili Boys 


Thank you all for your continued support!