Weekend Specials March 21 - March 23!!!

Good evening everyone!!!


It's Friday, spring is here, the only way it can get better, is with our weekend specials!!!  Come on in over the weekend to enjoy some of these treats!  

Make sure to call ahead to avoid long wait times.  


Lasan Ja Ladoo $3

Lovely garlic and millet flour ladoo served with bhurto.


Chicken Biryani $10

Fit for a king!!  Chunks of dark and white meat braised with secret spices.  Served with rice.


Machi Paka $13

Grilled King fish in a coconut curry with rice and potatoes


Grill Special $25

1/2 Pili Pili Chicken

1 Lb Pili Pili AAA Ribs

Fries or Salad



See you Soon!


The Pili Pili Boys