Pili Pili Hallo-Weekend Specials!!!

Happy Halloween!!

What will you be dressing up this weekend??  We'll be donning our Pili Pili gear as chefs cooking up the tastiest food for you and your families!!!  Come on by, we have some surprises in store!

As it gets colder, we'll be making heartier meals to keep you and yours warm.  As per usual, these treats are prepared with love and with an old school touch! 

A reminder to call ahead to avoid long wait times!!

S'mores Samoasas!!!   $2/pc
With marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs and chocolate!

Nylon Bhajia $5
Soon to be on our new set of menus, these delicious treats are battered and fried to perfection!  Best enjoyed with our homemade coconut coriander chutney!

Khichdo $12
Garnished with fresh ginger, lemons, green chilies and fried onions.  This is as classic as it gets.  We sold out last time, so make sure to call ahead to reserve your portion!!

We have also made one without meat for our vegetarian customers!!  Who does that? We do, because we love you!

Grill Special $40
2 LB AAA Ribs
1/2 Chicken

See you Soon!

The Pili Pili Boys