Pili Pili Weekend Specials!!!

Happy Friday everyone!! 

We hope you took some time out of your day to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice so we could be here today.  Lest we forget!  

Another week in the books, and as it gets colder outside, we'll be beefing up our specials to make sure that you and your families stay warm with the best East African food this city has to offer!!

A reminder to call ahead to avoid long wait times!!

Nylon Bhajia $5
These delicious treats are sure to please!  Battered in chick pea flour and a mix of our secret spices, this classic snack is a sure hit!

Kheema Mani $6
This classic mixes seasoned ground beef with onions and coriander.  Due to allergies, we are not making it with eggs!  

Kuku(Chicken) Paka $12
Grilled Chicken braised in a rich coconut curry with eggs and potatoes, served with white rice! Just like back home!

Machi(Fish) Paka $13
Grilled King Fish finished in a rich coconut curry!  Always a huge hit with our lovely customers, call ahead to reserve your portion!

Grill Special $40
2 LB AAA Ribs
1/2 Chicken
Fries and Mogo

See you Soon!

The Pili Pili Boys