Pili Pili Long Weekend Specials!!!!

Good evening everyone!


To all those who celebrated Navroz, we wish you a belated Navroz Mubarak!  We hope you enjoyed it with friends, family and great food!!!


To all those celebrating Easter this weeknd, we hope that it will be spent with friends, family and great food!!!


And now that the short work week is almost done, The Pili Pili Boys are happy to share with your our long weekend specials!!!  As per usual these specials are made the old school way with some serious love!  


Nylon Bhajia $5

Thinly sliced Yukon gold potatoes battered in chickpea flour and deep fried to perfection!!!  Best served with our homemade coconut chutney!


Zanzibar Mix $6

Chickpeas and potatoes stewed in a coconut curry, served with bhajia, chapri chips, ambli, coconut and spicy chutneys!  A must have.


Snack Pack $12

A taste of our most popular items

  • 4 Samosas(Beef or Veg)
  • 4 Kebab
  • Mogo


Biryani $13

Boneless Beef biryani, cooked East African style, slow cooked and served with some authentic rice.  Fit for a king!


Grill Special $40

1 LB Beef Mishkaki

1 LB Ribs

1 LB Chicken Mishkaki

Fries and Mogo


See you soon!!


The Pili Pili Boys