Pili Pili Weekend Specials!!!


As we cook up some delicious treats to serve you all, we can't help but be stressed with this hockey game!!!  A reminder that the game is always on while you wait for your freshly cooked food! 

We can't wait to see you over the next couple of beautiful days!  We are cooking up some seriously old school treats for you, the best customers in the GTA!! 

A reminder to call ahead to avoid long wait times!!

Nylon Bhajia $5
Soon to be on our new set of menus, these delicious treats are battered and fried to perfection!  Best enjoyed with our homemade coconut coriander chutney!

Dhokro $8
This old school savoury treat will keep you coming back for more, and more, and more!

Machi Bhat $13
King fish braised in a rich coconut curry with peppers and eggplant!  Served with some delicious yellow rice!

Grill Special $40
1 LB Pili Pili AAA Ribs
1LB Chicken Wings
1 LB Beef Mishkaki
Fries and Mogo

See you Soon!

The Pili Pili Boys