Pili Pili Weekend Specials!!!

Good evening and happy Friday!!!

It's finally Friday, and you know what that means!  Time for specials from the Pili Pili Boys!  Although we're looking at a lot of snow and frigid temperatures, you can rest assured that we'll be here to feed you with some delicious treats made with love and an old skool touch!

This weekend, we'll be cooking up some of your favourites, so head on over to your head quarters for East African treats and enjoy! 

A reminder to call ahead to avoid long wait times!!

Nylon Bhajia $5
These delicious treats are sure to please!  Battered in chick pea flour and a mix of our secret spices, this classic snack is a sure hit!

Chicken Jo Saak $10 
With the cold and snow coming in, we made this stick to your ribs dish.  Bone in chicken with potatoes in a rich curry!  Served with white rice

Snack Pack $13
Because 6 of each is too many, we're offering a taste of our most popular items

  • 4 Pili Pili Fried Kebabs

  • 4 Samosas(beef or vegetable)

  • Mogo

Chicken Poussin $24
It's back!!  A whole Cornish hen, fried to perfection, tossed in our homemade poussin sauce, served with fries and naan! 

Grill Special $45
1LB Ribs
Whole grilled chicken 
Fries and Mogo

See you soon

The Pili Pili Boys